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Dolfinarium – a very special zoo

The Dolfinarium is a rather special zoo… It is in fact the largest marine mammal park in Europe. Our theme park is all about marine life, and that’s clearly reflected in our knowledge and the passion we have for the sea and all its inhabitants. There is nowhere else where you get to see so many special marine mammals in one place. You get to meet porpoises, walruses, seals, sea lions, rays and sharks. Moreover, the Dolfinarium is the only animal park in the Netherlands where you can come face to face with bottlenose dolphins!

The Dolfinarium takes you closer to the animals than you would have dared dream of. Feed the crabs at the Crab Coast, put your hands in the water to pet a shark in the Ray Reef, maybe even get into the water with our dolphins or meet the sea lions up close. There are also plenty of shows where you can take the plunge into the impressive world of dolphins, sea lions or walruses – figuratively speaking, that is.

At the same time, the Dolfinarium is so much more than a zoo. It’s a real outdoor park, with lots of playgrounds – including our latest water ride, Water Fun (Waterpret), where you get to feel like a fish in the water – and we even have our own beach. The easy-to-navigate park layout also has plenty of spots where you can relax and several restaurants with a large selection of food and beverages. It’s safe to say that there is plenty to do at the Dolfinarium: prepare your visit in advance. The fun starts here!

Meet the animals up close

The Dolfinarium is a rather special zoo... It is the largest marine mammal park in Europe and the only place in the Netherlands where you get to meet dolphins!

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The history of the zoo

The first plans for the Dolfinarium date back as early as 1955. Entrepreneur Frits den Herder had a ‘collection’ of marine mammals that had gotten a bit out of hand. His brother, Coen, owned the local shipping company and the playground in Harderwijk. They were the perfect pair to start a marine mammal park. Together, they built a pool in Harderwijk to hold dolphins and other marine mammals. By 1965, the big moment was finally there: they opened the first dolphinarium in the Netherlands open for the general public.
Even to this day, the Dolfinarium remains unique in the Netherlands because it’s the only place where you can meet dolphins up close and personal. In Europe, this zoo is particularly special because of the quality, quantity and diversity of the animals it keeps. Frits had a clear goal in mind in establishing the Dolfinarium: to ensure that the Dutch people have respect and reverence for the most extraordinary and mythical marine mammals. We continue to dedicate ourselves to this every day with passion and fun.

What the Dolfinarium stands for as a zoo

The Dolfinarium is a zoo with marine mammals, dedicated to bringing man and nature closer together in an interactive way in a unique aquatic world. We believe that people will only be able to take better care of nature when they are inspired by it. This is vital for the future of our fragile planet.
Through close contact between humans and animals, the Dolfinarium promotes the transfer of knowledge about marine mammals, the importance of nature conservation and care for the environment. By combining this with a relaxing, fun-filled day out, the Dolfinarium aims to provide its visitors with an unforgettable day.
We continue to develop as a leading themed marine mammal park with the addition of water rides. The interaction with marine mammals, our hospitality and the combination of fun and education have made us a unique zoo. Click here to read more about our mission and vision.

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