General terms and conditions

Dolfinarium Harderwijk B.V. provides you with the option to purchase e-tickets, programmes, subscriptions and other products and services from the Dolfinarium online shop. Before proceeding to any payment, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the Dolfinarium.


Dolfinarium Harderwijk B.V. highly values the protection of your privacy when processing your personal data. The personal details obtained through the website are treated confidentially and processed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. This statement explains how the Dolfinarium handles personal data obtained through the website.

Purpose of processing

The Dolfinarium has an online shop where you can purchase e-tickets, programmes, subscriptions and other products and services. If you purchase these products or services via the Dolfinarium online shop, or if you register on the website, you are asked to provide the necessary personal data about yourself. These personal data include your contact details. We will only collect personal data and process them (or have them processed) to the extent and for as long as this is necessary for the following purposes:

  • To carry out the agreement;
  • To ship and invoice ordered products/services and to process payments;
  • If you fill out the application form on our website, your data will only be processed for application purposes;
  • To record information for the purpose of gaining insight into the use of the Dolfinarium website and to improve the functioning and security of the website;
  • For marketing purposes, insofar as you have given your consent thereto. You can object to the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, free of charge and without specifying a reason, by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. We will terminate the use upon first request;
  • To provide your personal data to third parties on the basis of legal obligations.

The Dolfinarium will not provide your personal data to third parties unless you have given us explicit permission to do so, and to the extent that this is necessary for:

  • The performance of the agreement, such as the delivery of products to third parties specified by you and the processing of the payments made;
  • The customer creditworthiness check;
  • The storage of personal data at a data centre or storage space respectively. Personal data will not be stored outside the EU without permission.;
  • Statistical, analytical and research purposes;
  • Compliance with a legal obligation;
  • The protection of your rights or those of the Dolfinarium.

If you wish to know what data the Dolfinarium has recorded about you, or if you want to view, change, supplement or delete certain data, please feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. In the event of a request for inspection, we will be able to charge no more than the statutory fee. We will respond within four weeks after receipt of your request, and in case of a request for inspection, within four weeks after receipt of the payment.

The Dolfinarium has taken the appropriate, state-of-the-art technical and organisational measures to prevent loss of data or unlawful processing.


The website of the Dolfinarium uses cookies, which are saved on your computer by your web browser. These cookies store information about your orders. This information does not include personal data such as your name or address. You can set the settings of your web browser so as not to accept cookies from websites. However, this may reduce the full use of the Dolfinarium online shop.

The Dolfinarium may use cookies for the following purposes:

  • To analyse and optimise the use of its website;
  • To place more user-oriented information on its website;
  • To send targeted content;
  • To develop marketing activities.

Types of cookies

Functional cookies ensure that choices made during a web visit are stored for future us, such as storing the contents of a shopping cart. Functional cookies are allowed to be stored without asking permission.
Performance cookies are usually used to analyse how the visitor found the website and how the website is used. The website can be tailored to the visitor more effectively with this information.

Enabling and disabling cookies

You can adjust the acceptance of cookies via the settings in your browser. Disabling cookies may restrict your use of our website and services. You can find out below how this works for your browser:

The Privacy Policy can be read in full here. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or if you want to know what data the Dolfinarium has recorded about you, please get in touch with us:

Zuiderzeeboulevard 22
3841 WB Harderwijk

You can also have your data changed or deleted by contacting us at this (e-mail) address.

Terms of Use

You may not copy anything from this website, in any way whatsoever, without written permission from the Dolfinarium.

You may also not use this website in a way that hinders other users or affects the functioning of this website.

The Dolfinarium is not liable for (the content of) websites to which it links.

Would you like to communicate something about the Dolfinarium? Ask the marketing department of the Dolfinarium for approval. This communication relates in particular to the use of logos owned by the Dolfinarium. If no written approval is given, the Dolfinarium accepts no liability for the content of the information communicated.


The Dolfinarium is meticulous when it comes to providing correct and up-to-date information to visitors of the website. However, we cannot guarantee that this information is accurate, complete and up to date in all cases. For this reason, no rights can be derived from the information on the pages of the website of the Dolfinarium. Furthermore, the Dolfinarium accepts no liability for damages resulting from inaccuracies and/or outdated information.


It is possible for (parts of) the Dolfinarium company to be transferred to third parties. This may also mean that the data of our customers can be transferred.

Changes may be made to this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is published on our website, so keep a close eye on the website. This Privacy Policy was last updated in March 2018.

Terms and Conditions for ‘Meet the animals’

The Dolfinarium has drawn up a number of criteria that participants must meet regarding the programmes ‘In the water with dolphins‘ and ‘Sleeping near Dolphins‘ The programme does not include park admission: a valid ticket is required for participation in the programme. This programme is subject to the general sales conditions.

In the water with dolphins

The participant:

  • Has a minimum height of 140 cm (4’6″);
  • Is at least 8 years old (children up to 12 years old must be accompanied by a participating adult*);
  • Has permission from their parent/legal guardian (signature required) if the participant is under 18;
  • Speaks and understands Dutch or English;
  • Does not have a cognitive disability;
  • Is able to follow direct instructions;
  • Does not have an impairment that falls within the autism spectrum and/or related syndromes that may affect participation in a programme in an unknown group;
  • Has no physical disability or impairment and can kneel, sit on their knees, bend and keep their balance;
  • Is in good physical condition;
  • Is able to swim;
  • Is not pregnant;
  • Has no infectious skin problems and/or external inflammation;
  • Does not suffer from epilepsy;
  • Does not suffer from cardiovascular disease;
  • Does not use medication that suppresess the immune system;
  • Does not use medication that may adversely affect the ability to drive;
  • Has a shoe size that is smaller than or equal to size 50 (UK 14.5; US 15). In case of deviating sizes it is important to contact [email protected].. The wading trousers may not fit!
* An adult participant may accompany a maximum of 2 participating children.

The Dolfinarium reserves the right to cancel the programme in the event of unforeseen circumstances or when there are less than 4 participants. We will set a new date in consultation with the participant. Please note: in the event of changes (less than one month in advance) or cancellation of the reservation from your side, there will be no option for a refund of amounts already paid.

Sleeping near dolphins

During the ‘Sleeping near Dolphins‘ programme, safety and the quality of the programme are important for all participants. That is why the following terms and conditions apply regarding participation:

  • Age: the programme is suitable for children from 8 up to and including 12 years of age. A maximum of 25 children take part.
    Mobility: we are active during the programme, and exercise is important. If a participant is less mobile, it is important to discuss their participation beforehand.
  • Language: for the safety of both people and animals, it is important that you are able to follow direct instructions. Speaking the Dutch language is a requirement.
  • Understanding: if the participant is a person with a cognitive impairment, we require prior consultation about the possibility to participate.

For consultation about participation, please contact the Reservations Department by calling +31 (0) 341-467 460.

After your booking, you will receive a criteria form that has to be filled out for each participant and brought along on the day of participation. Please note: clearly state all details (diets and medication, but also any other things that are useful for the supervisor to know).

If it becomes apparent on the day of participation that a participant does not meet the conditions, the Dolfinarium reserves the right to exclude the participant without any form of refund.

If there are less than 6 participants, the Dolfinarium reserves the right to cancel the programme. A new date will be set in consultation with the participant.

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