Great news that you are planning to come to Dolfinarium! Due to the corona measures some things are different to what you are used to. Our program has been changed. Please read for more information on: new measures. In order to have a safe and responsible visit it is mandatory for everyone (included subscription holders and all Dolfinarium tickets) to make an online reservation for a visit to the park.

In view of the adjusted measures Dolfinarium offers an action price of €18,50 for all tickets. Unfortunately it is not possible to by your tickets at the cash desk of Dolfinarium. At this moment you can only buy your tickets with an online reservation in this web shop. Your action discount towards the usual cash desk price is consequently €10 per ticket (on basis of tariffs of June 2020: cash desk price €28,50 p.p./ online price €18,50 p.p.)

Attention: once you have reserved a date, it is no longer possible to rebook this date. So think carefully in advance which date you want to come.

Reservations can be made until July 13th. At the beginning of July we will decide whether or not to continue with daypart openings at mornings and afternoons.

We understand if you have more questions. Please find your answers at FAQ – Safe Visit

We wish you a lot of fun at Dolfinarium!

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Have you already bought your ticket of do you have a subscription? Make a reservation for your date visit. Please keep your entrée ticket ready. Attention: children up to 2 years old and guides also need a (free) ticket.

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