To the zoo with a discount on the admission? Come to the Dolfinarium

For those looking for an unforgettable day out, a day at the zoo is a great idea. A wonderful day out for the whole family. A day at the zoo is even more fun, of course, if you can go there at a discount! How about the Dolfinarium? We always have favourable tickets waiting for you. Of all zoos in the Netherlands, the Dolfinarium actually offers the best deals and the highest discount on admission tickets. This means your wallet will be just as happy as you are during your day at the zoo!

Dolfinarium – a very special zoo

The Dolfinarium is a very special zoo… It is in fact the largest marine mammal park in Europe. You will not see this many extraordinary marine mammals together anywhere else in the Netherlands. You will encounter porpoises, dolphins, walruses, seals, sea lions, rays and sharks. Moreover, the Dolfinarium is the only animal park in the Netherlands where you get to be face to face with bottlenose dolphins!

Take a plunge into the wonderful aquatic world at the Dolfinarium. During various animal shows, you will meet enchanting bottlenose dolphins, roaring sea lions, colossal walruses and hobbling seals. We also have four fantastic playgrounds and the splashing water ride Water Fun. In short: there is plenty to do, for all ages.

We want to give our guests an unforgettable day out at the Dolfinarium. Whether it’s a fun day out with the family or a great staff or team outing, it’s all possible at the Dolfinarium! Our employees do their utmost to ensure our guests have a wonderful time.

Mission and vision

The Dolfinarium is not just your run-of-the-mill zoo. We are specialists in the field of marine mammals and the aquatic world, and we use that knowledge and experience to bring man and nature closer together in an interactive way. This is how we promote the transfer of knowledge about marine mammals, the importance of nature conservation and care for the environment. We do this so our visitors are inspired by nature, because only then can they take better care of it. And that is essential to protect our beautiful planet!

A day at the zoo at a discount

Come visit and discover the wonderful aquatic world! And that doesn’t have to be costly at all.

There’s always a discount waiting for you when you buy your ticket online. We also regularly have deals, such as a group discount or seasonal promotions. Are you a regular visitor and would you like to always benefit from a discounted admission ticket? One of our subscriptions would be the perfect thing for you! This will also give you a discount on admission to various other zoos, such as Boudewijn Seapark, Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen and Stichting Vogelpark Avifauna (Bird Park), as well as amusement parks, including Adventure Park Hellendoorn, Neeltje Jans and Julianatoren.

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