The ‘Sterk Werk’ (Impressive Stuff) show – Discover the Steller Sea Lions

Growling or roaring: whatever you want to call it, the Steller sea lions at the Dolfinarium are super cool and will undoubtedly make themselves heard as soon as you walk by. Want to bet who can roar the loudest? Find out during this educational presentation!

What will you see during this show?

During this educational presentation, these strong but above all special animals will show you how they frolic about, play, splash and catch fish. The caretaker will take you on an educational voyage of discovery and teach you all about their habitat and behaviour in nature in just 10 minutes. For instance, did you know that Steller sea lions have sensitive whiskers that allow them to feel exactly where a tasty fish is swimming? Yes, even through the currents of the water. Pretty neat, right?

Learn more, also about enemies…

Steller sea lions are real predators, but they also have a number of enemies themselves. While they’re often seen as delicious snacks by orcas, they also regularly get entangled in fishing nets, unfortunately. Or how about plastic that has ended up in the sea? Come along and discover how we (and you) help reduce the plastic soup!

Curious about the presentation?

Sterk Werk (Impressive Stuff) is open to all our park's visitors!

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