Educational animal presentations at our park

The new main performance Oceanica is not to be missed! This impressive educational performance about the natural and unnatural threats to dolphins in nature is a must during your day at the Dolfinarium.

In addition, our dolphins can be seen at two other locations:

• From behind the glass wall at Onder Odiezee you have direct contact with the dolphins and walruses
• In the Dolphin Delta you can watch the most beautiful jumps and learn everything about dolphins

But don’t miss the other animals either. There are continuous feeding sessions and the caretakers tell you all the ins and outs about the animals, while you can admire them all up close on your walking route. Bet you can tell everything about dolphins, sea lions, walruses, sharks and rays when you return home?

Afbeelding bij The Big Whiskerrrs

The Big Whiskerrrs

Huge whiskers and heavier than a car: we are talking about walruses, of course! Find out all about them during this amazing, funny show.

Afbeelding bij Dolphin Delta

Dolphin Delta

During an educational presentation, the dolphin caretakers at the Dolphin Delta will show you how both young and old dolphins live together side by side at the Dolfinarium. Are you ready to take the (dolphin) leap?

Afbeelding bij Sharks and rays

Sharks and rays

Smooth or a bit prickly: you will learn all about sharks and rays during this educational presentation. Come and have a look for yourself.

Afbeelding bij Little Dolphin

Little Dolphin

We will go on a journey together to learn all about the harbour porpoise during the show 'Little Dolphin'. Will you take the plunge with us?

Afbeelding bij Sterk Werk (Impressive Stuff)

Sterk Werk (Impressive Stuff)

Growling or roaring: whatever you want to call it, the Steller sea lions will undoubtedly make themselves heard as soon as you walk by. Want to bet who can roar the loudest?

Afbeelding bij Seals


They're not only found in the Dutch Wadden area, but also at the Dolfinarium! This presentation about the grey and common seals teaches you all about them. Will you hobble along to find out more?

Afbeelding bij Oceanica


Together for the ocean: in this new, impressive dolphin performance, the underwater world and the animals that live there are completely central.

Afbeelding bij Slim Werk (Smart Work)

Slim Werk (Smart Work)

Lean and cheerful. They sure are. They outsmart the zookeepers. Will you come and see how they do it?

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