Experience it for yourself during the educational presentation on sharks and rays at the Ray Reef

‘Ahh!’ sounds the shriek on one end, ‘Ohh!’ can be heard from another end… The children are very active during the educational presentation on sharks and rays! If you ask the children, everyone agrees: sharks and rays feel smooth, slimy, prickly or ‘like sandpaper’…

If you want to find out for yourself what it feels like to touch sharks and rays: you can do so in the Ray Reef. But there’s more! This eventful educational show about sharks and rays also includes explanations from the caretakers about the sharks and rays that live in the Netherlands.

Explanation caretakers

What could be more fun than touching the animals and experiencing what it feels like for yourself? You can also ask the caretakers any questions you may have about sharks and rays. They will show, for example, the jaw of a ray, show you how the Dolfinarium puts ray and shark eggs back into the sea, and teach you the difference between male and female rays.
There’s no need to fear the sharks and rays at the Ray Reef, they’re not dangerous! The poisonous stingray can be found swimming around in the aquarium behind the Ray Reef. Apart from the educational presentation about sharks and rays, you can also find out more about these special animals at the Shark Bay, the educational area behind the Ray Reef.

Curious about the presentation?

The presentation with sharks and rays is open to all our park's visitors!

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