The show ‘Little Dolphin’ – Discover the harbour porpoises

Meet the ‘little dolphin’ in person: you will meet the harbour porpoises at the Dolfinarium during this educational presentation.

Have you spotted the sweet little ‘dolphin’ yet? The cheerful harbour porpoises look like bottlenose dolphins, but they’re just slightly different. And there’s something else that’s misleading… The Dutch call these cute animals ‘brown fish’, which doesn’t suit them at all. First of all, they’re not fish and second of all, they’re not brown either! Want to find out what these animals actually look like? Come visit and learn much more about them during this educational show.

Look at those harbour porpoises swimming around during this educational show…

While the fun and especially cute harbour porpoises are closely related to dolphins, they’re officially not. However, they can swim just as smoothly through the water and jump quite high! During the show, you can watch the animals play and catch fish just as they would do in the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. And they’re really good at catching fish: they have 80 to 100 small, pointy teeth that they use for catching those slippery fish. They don’t use those teeth to chew: they swallow them whole. Bite, swallow, gone… In the blink of an eye!

The wrong tasty bite?

Unfortunately, harbour porpoises are also sometimes considered as a tasty bite as well, by orcas, sharks and even grey seals. Plastic also poses a great danger. Harbour porpoises can get stuck in it or regard it as food. That’s actually quite lethal.

We will go on a journey together during the ‘Little Dolphin’ show to get to know our very own ‘Dutch dolphin’ (another name they sometimes go by). We will dive into the North Sea and the Wadden Sea and find out how their lives consist of both highs and lows (or dangers). Will you take the plunge with us?

Curious about the presentation?

The Little Dolphin is open to all our park's visitors!

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