Educational presentation about dolphins at the Dolphin Delta

Wow, there goes a dolphin soaring through the air! And, oh, there are two of them jumping at the same time… There is so much to see here and all at the same time! Our dolphin caretakers will show you how both young and old dolphins live together at the Dolfinarium during an educational presentation.

Leaping dolphins, the caretakers at work with the dolphins and all those dolphins up close: it all happens in the vast area of the Dolphin Delta. Let yourself be amazed at the Dolphin Delta, the dolphins’ natural habitat. Get a breath of fresh air during a walk around this huge lake and have fun watching the dolphins feel like a fish in the water!

Young and old dolphins at the Dolphin Delta

Did you know that our oldest dolphin, Honey, is 55 years old and that our care and passion for our animals and their welfare at the Dolfinarium means that our dolphins grow older than dolphins in the wild? This means that our youngest dolphin, James, who is 5 years old, still has a whole life ahead of him!

Enriching experiences for the animals

From natural enemies like sharks and orcas to plastic soup: we will tell you all about the dolphins, our research and the natural and unnatural enemies in the sea. We have a term for mentally challenging our animals: ‘enrichment’. Our passionate caretakers are at the ready for the animals, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The animals have a lot of fun with all the mental challenges our animal caretakers give them. A large group of caretakers will show you how intensively they work with the animals on a daily basis and will turn it into a fantastic educational presentation with the help of the leaping dolphins.

Curious about the presentation?

The presentation at the Dolphin Delta is open to all our park's visitors!

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