The Big Whiskerrrs: about walruses on the Walrussenwal (Walrus Wharf)

Have you never seen a walrus in real life? Then you don’t want to miss the show with walruses! A walrus is heavier than a car, which you will understand once you see these animals hoist themselves up to the side. Not only is this educational show very instructive, it is also very funny.

This show covers all aspects of these animals and their nature and introduces you to their funny side. Walruses can only be seen in three zoos in Europe, so be sure to visit these unique animals!

Splashing hazard

The walruses live in the Onder Odiezee Café at the Dolfinarium. You can see them swimming behind the glass wall, but these animals are sure to give you the giggles during the show ‘De Grote Snorrr’ (‘The Big Whiskerrrs’). Beware: splashing hazard! Our guests in the V.I.P. section will be particularly splash-prone, and we’re not sure if they will leave the Walrussenwal in dry clothes…

Curious about the show?

The Big Whiskerrrs is open to all our park's visitors!

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