Water fun, even if you live in Harderwijk or nearby!

Do you live in Harderwijk or near Harderwijk? And are you looking for a cool place to cool off in the neighborhood or an opportunity to swim in Harderwijk on a summer day for your family? Then go to Waterpret, the water attraction of the Dolfinarium, and enjoy varied, splashing water slides in the park of the Dolfinarium.

Waterpret is a water attraction that you should not miss as a resident of Harderwijk:

  • With 7 cool water slides for young and old
  • Located in a special location on the edge of the park, on the beach of Lake Veluwe
  • A pleasant cooling on a hot day
  • Has been opened at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius or higher.

Water fun is also called the ‘water park’ of the Dolfinarium. You could even see Waterpret as some kind of outdoor swimming pool in Harderwijk. You can’t swim there, but the water slides provide plenty of water fun and cooling on a summer day. And if you really want to swim, walk to the beach and take a wonderful dip in the Veluwemeer. Because yes, you can also swim at the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk!

View the impressive view over Harderwijk, and then: slide!

Nowhere else in Harderwijk will you have such a beautiful view over the center of Harderwijk and the Veluwemeer. After climbing the stairs to the highest water slides, you feel ‘on top of the world’ at this impressive height. And maybe you see some landmarks in the distance on top of that, or maybe your own house, WOW!

And then it’s time to really go! The real daredevils can’t believe their luck, because Water Fun is fast and exciting. Go down the highest and fastest water slide ‘De Wal-rush’, slide down together on a tire in ‘De Dolle Donut’, or slide through a world full of lights in ‘De Zeevonk’. So splashing fun is guaranteed!

Would you rather relax while the kids let off steam on the water slides? Then grab a lovely sunbed on the sunbathing lawn or lie down on the beach. Or enjoy a delicious refreshing drink on the terrace of restaurant Zandhapper. At Waterpret there is something for everyone.

Would you also like to take a look at the marine mammals?

Access to the water slides is included in the Dolfinarium ticket. Combine your swimming day with admiring jumping dolphins, gigantic walruses and roaring sea lions. Or visit the Oceanica dolphin presentation, where you can learn all about the threats to the dolphin and the ocean. Of course, the children can let off steam in the playgrounds in between. What a surprisingly fun day that will be!

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Also take a look at the sea mammals?

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