Slim Werk – Discover the educational presentation with California sea lions

Discover ‘Slim Werk’ and get to know the California sea lions in this educational presentation.

Will you join us on an adventure during this educational presentation with the California sea lions?

Come in quickly, find a spot and be surprised by the California sea lions. Two caretakers take you on a special journey of discovery along these special animals. You come face to face with the big, tough harem boss and learn everything about the strong whiskers and warm bacon layer of the animals. Oh yeah! They could really use your help to demonstrate everything. So ehh… Will you help them?

When you hear sea lions roar, you immediately know why they are called sea lions!

The bond between the caretakers and the animals is quite strong and you can see that immediately when you enjoy the performance. But this presentation is so much more than that. Cheerful, naughty, tough and a good dose of humor are all discussed. That will be laughing, howling and howling (because yes, that’s what sea lions do).

What do you learn from these tough and especially strong predators in this presentation?

During the presentation you immediately get a glimpse into the life of these beautiful animals. You will learn more about the special jumps they can make, how easily they move through the water and how they catch fish in the dark. By the way, did you know that sea lions live in a group consisting of a male with up to 30 females? So the big boss is quite a charmer! Will you come and see them in person?

Curious about the presentation?

'Slim Werk' is freely accessible to all visitors to our park!

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