Take a lecture with California sea lions at the Sea Lion College!

Ever heard the deafening roar of a harem boss in a sea lion colony? And have you ever seen the big difference between him and his harem – women? Then follow a sea lion lecture with the California sea lions and take a seat in the lecture hall! Experience this new educational show that brings you closer to nature!

California sea lions in the wild often live in colonies of up to thousands of animals. Five California sea lions live in the Dolfinarium: a harem boss and four harem ladies. You will be introduced to our ‘colony in small’ of the Dolfinarium and learn all about the California sea lions and their natural characteristics and behavior.

Interactive, and surprisingly educational!

Together with the California Sea Lions of the Dolfinarium you have an interactive lecture that you will never forget. Let these special animals inspire and surprise you. Their imposing presence, their roars, the ability to see these animals up close – and seeing that thick layer of fat so close, so close that you can almost feel it’s fat – makes it surprisingly fun!

In the educational presentation in the Sea lion College you learn about the animals in an inspiring way! The caretakers show the physical and behavioral characteristics of the California Sea Lions, as the animals also live in nature. Come and meet our California Sea Lions in the Dolfinarium and deepen your knowledge.

This will undoubtedly be a nice, personal introduction to the California Sea Lions of the Dolfinarium. And maybe you will also experience that a lecture in the school benches is even more fun than you thought beforehand!

Dolfinarium. Discover. Experience. Deepen.

Discover, experience and deepen your knowledge in this special new, educational performance in the Dolfinarium! Are you also inspired by the nature of this special species?

Curious about this new presentation?

Sea lion College is freely accessible to all visitors to our park!

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