Learn more in our educational spaces

If you don’t learn enough during our performances, we also have two educational rooms where you, as an inquisitive explorer, cannot rely on your happiness. In DolfijnBrein you will meet cheerful bottlenose dolphins and in Haaibaai you will come face to face with sharks. Sounds scary, but that’s not too bad… Did you know that many sharks are even endangered? Come by and discover how you can help them!

Learn all about dolphins in DolfijnBrein

Do you want to know all the ins and outs about dolphins? Which can! In the DolfijnBrein educational room you can learn more about the body, behavior and care of bottlenose dolphins. View the different themes and take a figurative dive into their lives. There are also various objects that you can admire.

In addition, there is a nice tribute to the beloved bottlenose dolphin Skinny. Skinny arrived at the Dolfinarium in 1968 and died in 2017 at the age of 55. In the almost 50 years that Skinny has been at the Dolfinarium, millions of visitors have admired her and she has inspired many to contribute to the conservation of nature. Now her skeleton has been given a beautiful, prominent place in the Dolphin Brain.



Sharks are endangered: you help them in Haaibaai

At the back of the Roggenrif you will find Haaibaai. See the eggs of different sharks and rays and discover the oldest shark species in the world! Sharks even swam in the sea when dinosaurs still walked the land… And yes, that was a very long time ago.

Yet they are not doing so well, because a quarter of all shark and ray species are threatened with extinction. A number of species have even disappeared in our North Sea. Super sin! Did you know that there are animals that are threatened by fishing or (plastic) pollution? To help the animals, we put stingray eggs back into the wild from the Dolfinarium, for example. But you can also help these animals! How? You will find out in Haaibaai.

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