Adventure Island and the magic amulet

Discover ‘Adventure Island and the magic amulet’ and get to know the California sea lions in this exciting and educational show.

Will you join us on an adventure during this exciting show with California sea lions?

Ahoy, matey! Ready for an adventure? You’ll have to be for the show ‘Adventure Island and the magical amulet’. The story is about Marijn, who lives on an island among the California sea lions. During a violent storm, shipmate Robin washes ashore with a special amulet. It just so happens that Marijn is in possession of a treasure map with just one piece missing… Together with their sea lion friends, they go in search of this last missing piece of the treasure map. They definitely need your help. So, how about it? Will you help them out?

When you hear those sea lions roar, you immediately know why they are called sea lions!

It is quite clear that the friendship between man and animal is one that can reach great heights. But this performance is so much more than that: cheerful, cheeky, cool, funny and a healthy dose of love are all part of it. These terms are all too fitting for the California sea lions. It will have you howling and roaring with laughter, which is precisely what sea lions are known for.

What will you learn from these cool and particularly strong predators in this funny show?

Besides the exciting show, you instantly get a glimpse of the lives of these beautiful animals. And, no, it won’t be just about how they frolic about on a mysterious island, of course. Without realizing it, you’ll also learn more about the special jumps they can make, how easily they can balance on their front fins and how they wave goodbye to you. By the way, did you know that sea lions live in a group that consists of a male with up to 30 females? That means the big boss is quite the charmer! Will you come and see them in person?

Curious about the show?

'Adventure Island and the magical amulet' is open to all our park's visitors!

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