Park regulations: an overview of all the rules at the Dolfinarium

A day full of fun, discovery and marvel: there is plenty to feast your eyes on at the Dolfinarium. To ensure you have an unforgettable experience, we have drawn up a number of park rules. This allows us to make the park* a wonderful place for you and your family as well as for all the other visitors to the park to spend a great day out. The welfare of our animals also plays a huge role: we do everything we can to keep them safe and healthy. Therefore, when you enter the park, as a visitor, you agree to the park rules.

*The ‘park’ includes the Dolfinarium and its grounds.

Park regulations

  • Admission to the park is only allowed with a valid admission ticket, which will become invalid as soon as you leave the park. If you need to leave the park on the day of your visit, you can get a stamp at the entrance which grants you the right to re-enter the park on the same day.
  • The admission ticket must be kept with you for the duration of your stay at the park and shown upon request of one of our staff members.
  • People with a subscription must be able to identify themselves as the rightful holder of the subscription at the request of one of our staff members. This may involve the temporary removal of headgear, sunglasses or other clothing that may cover the face. In doing so, personal privacy will be respected.
  • If you have an admission ticket or subscription, there will be no refund under any circumstances.
  • The Dolfinarium reserves the right to change its opening days and/or times during the season.
  • It is prohibited for anyone to stay at the park outside opening hours.
  • For the safety of our visitors, the Dolfinarium reserves the right to close its doors in the event of large numbers of visitors. This also applies to season ticket holders. If you already have a valid ticket and are unable to use them due to changes made by the Dolfinarium, your tickets can be switched to another date of your own choosing, within the same season year. The Dolfinarium is not liable for any incurred (travel) expenses.
    • For both your safety and ours, please follow the instructions of our staff members.
    • The Dolfinarium reserves the right, at all times, to refuse entry to or to remove a visitor from the park upon violation of these park rules or if it is deemed necessary to do so, for example when the visitor is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, or is dealing or in possession of narcotics, or when they (are about to) cause a disturbance. No refund will be made in such a case. Our park is meticulously managed. If you are still confronted with an unsafe situation and/or any damages, please report this as soon as possible to the reception. In the event that you are responsible for unintentional damage, please report this to reception before you leave the park.
    • Physical or verbal abuse or any other undesirable behaviour towards other visitors and/or staff members of the Dolfinarium will not be tolerated. Any visitor found to have exhibited such behaviour will be immediately removed from the park. The police may be involved in this.

The police will be contacted at all times in the event of theft.

Carrying weapons or other dangerous objects is forbidden. The Dolfinarium reserves the right to remove the owner of such items from the park, possibly with the involvement of the police.

  • Selling and/or distributing goods, or flyers or advertising in any form whatsoever, whether in the park or on the access road, is not allowed without prior written permission of Dolfinarium.
  • The security employees of the Dolfinarium are allowed to inspect and search you if there is reason to do so. These searches are not common. Inspection can take place in case of suspicion of theft. Any employee has the right to ask a visitor to voluntarily show the contents of their bag.
  • It is not allowed to enter the park with (balancing) bicycles, rollerblades, kick scooters or other vehicles, with the exception of wheelchairs, mobility scooters or pushchairs.
  • The use of radios, stereos or other intrusive music equipment is not permitted.
  • Smoking is not permitted during shows, while waiting in our queues and in the various buildings. This will be clearly indicated.
  • In the event of large crowds or technical malfunctions, habitats and shows may not be accessible during your visit. The Dolfinarium staff do their utmost to reopen the habitats and/or shows as quickly as possible. There will be no refund in such events.
  • Following orders from the fire department, buggies and pushchairs are not allowed at the DolfijndoMijn, the Zeeleeuwentheater and the Walrussenwal. You can park buggies and pushchairs, at your own risk, in the designated areas.
  • The Dolfinarium would like to point out that there may be camera surveillance to protect both your safety and property as well as our own.
  • We would like to kindly but firmly request you to stay on the marked paths, roads and squares, and to deposit waste in the designated waste bins. This is to respect nature and the habitats of our animals.
  • You, as a parent or supervisor of children or groups, are responsible for those who visit the park under your supervision. Parents and supervisors (or the institution concerned) are responsible for any damages caused by the persons in their care.
  • For your own safety and that of our animals, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to enter the habitats of our animals, whether on land or in water.
  • It is at all times forbidden to throw objects, liquids and other items into the water or into animal enclosures. Any contamination of the water can be life-threatening for our animals.
  • It is not allowed to feed animals in any way, with the exception of the food sold at the Ray Reef.
  • Glassware is only allowed on the terraces.
  • Balls are forbidden in the park. The use of balls and other toys is only allowed on the beach.
  • Balloons are forbidden in the park, with the exception of helium balloons.
(Domestic) animals
  • Dogs and other (domestic) animals are unfortunately not allowed at the Dolfinarium. The Dolfinarium does not provide any holding or care facilities for these animals.
  • Qualified service dogs accompanying people with a disability may enter the park in consultation and with the necessary certificate.
  • You may be refused entry if you wear inappropriate clothing or due to sanitary reasons and if this is detrimental to the family atmosphere of the Dolfinarium. At a minimum, the Dolfinarium requires shirts, shorts and shoes to be worn, even during exceptionally hot weather.
  • Swimming attire is only allowed on the beach and at Water Fun (Waterpret water ride). Topless sunbathing on the beach or at Water Fun is not allowed.
Photography and film
  • Photography and filming is allowed at our park, but only for your own private use and as long as you do not hinder other visitors.
  • Publication of image and/or sound material is prohibited unless prior written permission has been given by the Dolfinarium.
  • It is possible to be filmed or photographed during your visit. The Dolfinarium reserves the right to use this material for publication.
    • Entering the park is at your own risk. The Dolfinarium accepts no liability for damages of any kind suffered by the visitor unless the damage is the direct result of intent or gross negligence of the Dolfinarium or one of our staff members.
    • The use of playground equipment is entirely at your own risk. The Dolfinarium is not liable for improper use.
    • The Dolfinarium accepts no liability whatsoever for loss and/or theft of items brought by you and/or deposited at the Dolfinarium.
    • If you suffer any damages or injury, please make sure to notify the reception before departure. The Dolfinarium is not liable if reporting takes place after having left the park.


  • The parking spaces on and around the Boulevard are not owned by the Dolfinarium. The car park is operated by the municipality of Harderwijk. Parking is entirely at your own risk, and the Dolfinarium accepts no liability for any damages.
  • The Dolfinarium explicitly informs you that it is paid parking. You need to buy a parking ticket in advance at the parking meters of the municipality of Harderwijk and place it behind your windshield. Parking is strictly monitored by the parking management of the municipality of Harderwijk.
Promotional deals
  • Nationwide promotional deals relating to discounts for visits to the Dolfinarium will never be announced in advance. For more information on third-party promotional campaigns, such as the duration of the promotion and the terms and conditions, we refer you to the advertisements, websites and radio/TV commercials of the relevant third parties.
  • The Dolfinarium makes sure to check all media statements as carefully as possible but is unable to guarantee that this information is accurate, complete and current in all cases. No rights can be derived from this information.
  • The Dolfinarium will not accept any liability for damages suffered as a result of incorrect and/or outdated information. The Dolfinarium always reserves the right to withdraw a promotional deal prematurely or amend terms and conditions. Should there be any doubt about the conditions and the implementation of a promotional deal, the opinion of the Dolfinarium is exclusively binding.
  • Any situation not covered by these park rules will be decided upon by the Duty Manager of the Dolfinarium.

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