Oceanica: together for the ocean!

Dive deep with us to the seabed… Oceanica is waiting for you there! In this new, impressive dolphin performance, the underwater world and the animals that live there take center stage. Learn more about dolphins and their species in nature and become aware of all their threats. Together we protect the ocean. Will you join us?

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The latest performance of the Dolfinarium

Have you seen the previous dolphin performance Aquabella? Then you should definitely come and see the latest dolphin performance Oceanica! Oceanica is the main performance of the Dolfinarium, and also one of the newest performances of the Dolfinarium. Just as spectacular as Aquabella, but now with even more interesting facts about the dolphins and the wonderful water world of the sea. In this new performance you will undoubtedly be carried away by the impressive dolphins, the atmospheric music and the intense bond between animals and caretakers. And of course you will not be surprised about the spectacular jumps that these beautiful animals can make.

Education and nature conservation

By means of animal performances in the park, the Dolfinarium wants to transfer knowledge about the animals and nature to the visitors. Dolfinarium has opted for an educational approach for Oceanica. In this performance you will learn everything about dolphins: their autonomy, their behavior and the threats in nature. You will learn about the natural enemies of the dolphin such as the killer whale and the shark. But unfortunately, humans with their plastic pollution are also a major threat to dolphins. The plastic soup in the ocean is becoming an increasing threat to the health of all marine animals. The animals become entangled in the plastic or mistake the plastic for food or a toy and eat it. By inspiring people for nature, they will also protect nature better.

Dolphinarium. Discover – experience – protect.

Our passion for our animals is what drives us every day. This performance shows the connection between humans and animals more than ever.

“We take care of dolphins. The dolphins take care of us. Where did you find your connection?”

A performance not to be missed. Perhaps you have found your connection with these animals after this performance?

Time to play yourself!

After an impressive dolphin performance like Oceanica, your children might want to let off steam in all our playgrounds. Or do you feel more like going down the water slides of Waterpret? Psst, you can also relax at Waterpret: take a sunbed on the sunbathing lawn, while your children slide down the water slides. And for the peace-seekers among us: with a lovely walk along the beach and through the dunes in the Wadden area you can of course also enjoy a breath of fresh air to let all impressions sink in. There is something for everyone to complete your day at the Dolphinarium!

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