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Do you want to discover the wonderful water world of the ocean with scuba diving, but do you find it too exciting to dive? Then we have news for you! Because when you descend into the underwater space “Onder Odiezee” of the Dolfinarium, it is really as if you dive deep into the sea yourself. Therefore put on your goggles and put on your wetsuit, because you are now diving to the bottom of the sea!

An oasis of peace with the sea around you. And then, come face to face with a dolphin…! And they are curious, suddenly there are three dolphins! They all seem to want to kiss you. Enjoying your journey through the sea, the dolphins swim with you along the glass wall. But you’re not done yet, because there is a walrus swimming on its back. Just wink, and this sweet friend is also coming to you.

Onder Odiezee is a must during your visit to the Dolfinarium:

  • In Onder Odiezee you have a truly unique experience as a real diver in the ocean
  • In Onder Odiezee you have direct contact with the animals: you come face to face with dolphins and walruses
  • The Onder Odiezee is one of the indoor locations of the Dolfinarium.

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Your own interaction with dolphins and walruses

Nowhere else do you have so much direct contact with dolphins and walruses as in the Onder Odiezee! You can almost touch the animals. It is that there is only a glass wall between them and you. The animals in turn enjoy all the attention they get from you. So don’t be alarmed if the dolphins and walruses come to you, because these animals love the contact with you!

A special place to communicate with dolphins and walruses yourself. Also find your connection with these special animals! And, let’s be honest, doesn’t this give you a bit of a feeling of happiness?

A nice, long day out at the Dolfinarium

Alternate your interaction with the animals in the Onder Odiezee with a visit to the impressive new dolphin presentation Oceanica, where you will learn more about the dolphins, their peers and their threats in the ocean.

In the park you can of course watch all the animal presentations along the Delta, take a lovely walk along the beach or romp the children in one of the four playgrounds. And on a warm day, you and the children have even more fun on water slides from water playground Waterpret!

Do you also want to come face to face with dolphins and walruses?

Onder Odiezee is open all day

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