Knowledge centre

The Dolfinarium as a knowledge center

Our knowledge center explains how knowledge, research, nature conservation and fun for humans and animals go together at the Dolfinarium. With the knowledge about our animals, we build a bridge between nature, animals and people. In a very accessible and child-friendly way you will learn everything about the marine (mammal) animals that live in our park, their counterparts in nature and their environment.


“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” —Nelson Mandela

“Something you have learned about, you get to know. What you know, you will love. And what you love, you want to protect.” – Baba Dioum


You learn more…

  • During the animal presentations and performances, in which the caretakers tell you more about the way of life of the animals and where the animals actively introduce themselves to you;
  • In our educational areas ‘DolfijnBrein’ and ‘Haaibaai’, where you can learn all the facts about dolphins and sharks & rays;
  • At the interactive learning points that are spread throughout the park and where you can discover more about the animals in a playful way;
  • From the caretakers who walk around the park and to whom you can ask all your questions;
  • In the animal passport that every child receives at the entrance;
  • During the ‘Closer to animals’ programs, such as ‘In the water with dolphins’.
  • With the anticipation lesson package (which every school receives prior to the school trip);
  • With the speech packages that you can download on our website for a dazzling speech.

Our goal is to share our passion and knowledge with others, so that we gain respect for the animals and their habitats and encourage people to protect this beautiful world.

But Dolfinarium also shares its knowledge about marine mammals outside the park. Carers, biologists and veterinarians are regularly asked for input on various topics in a variety of programs, such as Het Klokhuis en Schooltv.

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