Dolfinarium animal passport

On a treasure hunt through the park and learn more about the inhabitants of the sea and nature conservation and plastic soup! With the animal passport of the Dolfinarium you can explore the entire park and answer the quiz questions about all animals. Together with your friends, classmates, brothers and sisters you visit all the animals in the park and you are challenged with exciting questions. You can discover the secret word by answering the questions in the passport.

Become an ocean protector!

The animal passport is an educational treasure hunt, specially developed for children (in the lower years) of primary school. The animal passport is not only fun to read, it also makes the children’s day out even more educational. By getting to work with the questions about the animals, the children are interactively working with the information from the animal performances and the animal passport.

During a day out at the Dolfinarium, the children become aware of nature. They see the animals up close and learn about plastic soup in the ocean. In this way everyone becomes aware of the need for nature conservation.

At the Dolfinarium we say ‘Discover – Experience – Deepen’, because this educational journey of discovery along all the animals ensures that the children learn so much that at the end of the day they go home as real ocean protectors!

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