Dolfinarium and our mission and vision

We would like to tell you more about what  Dolfinarium stands for and what our mission is: we want to explain what we do – why we do it – and how we do it every day!

Discover the wonderful water world up close!

At Dolfinarium we want to give you an unforgettable day out together. From a fun family outing and family outing to a successful company outing, staff outing or team outing. Dolfinarium has it all! Dolfinarium is the largest marine mammal park in Europe. Nowhere else in the Netherlands will you see so many special marine mammals together. At Dolfinarium you can immerse yourself in the wonderful water world. In various performances you will meet enchanting dolphins, colossal walruses, roaring sea lions and hobbling seals. In addition, we have 4 wonderful playgrounds and a dazzling water attraction Waterpret. The Dolfinarium staff makes every effort to ensure that you have a good time. A day out full of fun is guaranteed for all!

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is our highest priority. Our animal caretakers are passionately ready for our animals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, we contribute to the daily mental challenge of our animals, so that we can give them a lot of pleasure every day. With enrichment of the animals we ensure that the animals are satisfied.

Dolfinarium also pays a lot of attention to research and we are constantly looking for ways to transfer our knowledge to our visitors. Dolfinarium is regularly tested for compliance with the legislation on keeping animals. Being an active member of international trade organizations such as E.A.A.M. (European Association for Acquatic Mammals) contributes to international cooperation to further shape the criteria for keeping marine mammals, organizing knowledge expansion and sharing knowledge.

Knowledge center Dolfinarium

With more than 50 years of experience, we are the knowledge center in the Netherlands in the field of marine (mammal) animals. Nowhere else are marine (mammal) animals trained and cared for as much as in the Dolfinarium. In addition, we have succeeded in bringing people and animals as close together as possible. Our guests meet our special animals and vice versa. Two worlds come together and learn to respect each other. We want to share our interest and respect for the playfulness and beauty of our mythical marine mammals with our guests.


Dolfinarium is a zoo with marine mammals that brings people and nature closer together in an interactive way in a unique water world. Knowledge center Dolfinarium wants to tell people about the beautiful life in the sea and the dangers for nature. When the visitor is inspired by nature, she as a human being will be able to take better care of nature and the environment. This is essential for the future of our fragile earth.

We are on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic in the sea. We realize that by:

  • Entering into partnerships with parties that have the same mission to prevent plastic soup in the sea;
  • To make our visitors aware of the unnatural dangers in the sea in performances and through communication in the park and via external communication channels;
  • Actively contributing to the organization of plastic soup activities, such as plastic soup days at the park, the annual waste clean-up campaigns on World Cleanup Day and the annual invitation of Beestenbende children to the park.

Dolfinarium provides its guests with an unforgettable day out through a combination of fun and knowledge transfer. With close contact between humans and animals, Dolfinarium promotes the transfer of knowledge of marine mammals, research, nature conservation and care for the environment.

We continue to develop as a leading themed marine (mammal) animal park with the combination of water attractions. We are unique in:

  • Handling marine mammals;
  • Our friendly hospitality;
  • Combining fun and education;

With these points of attention we want our guests to discover the wonderful water world up close.

Aspro Parks

Dolfinarium has been part of Aspro Parks since January 2015. This Spanish organization has existed since 1991 and is one of the world leaders in the field of leisure. Aspro Parks owns and operates several water parks, aquariums, zoos and holiday parks in eight European countries. Within the Netherlands, Deltapark Neeltje Jans and Linnaeushof are also part of the group. For more information, please visit

History of Dolfinarium

Dolfinarium started decades ago as a result of a ‘collection’ of marine (mammal) animals that got out of hand. Entrepreneur Frits den Herder started in 1955 with his brother Coen (owner of the local shipping company and the playground in Harderwijk) with the construction of a dolphinarium: a basin for keeping dolphins and other marine mammals. In 1965 they opened the first dolphinarium in the Netherlands to the general public in Harderwijk. Today, Dolfinarium Harderwijk is still unique in the Netherlands, due to the fact that it is the only place where you can meet dolphins and unique sea mammals. Special in Europe because of the quality, quantity and diversity of the offer. Frits had a clear goal in mind when establishing the Dolfinarium:


To cultivate respect and awe among the Dutch public for these most special and mythical marine mammals

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