A safe and responsible visit for the whole family!

Update: July 10, 2021

A lot has changed in recent months due to all the corona measures in the Netherlands. We understand that you therefore want to do your visit to the Dolfinarium with your family and company as safely and responsibly as possible. That is why we have established a working method that makes it possible to still experience the best day out. With a safe visit 1.5 meters away you immerse yourself in the beautiful underwater world as you have always been used to from us!

The Dolfinarium is a well-organized outdoor park where there is plenty of space to move between the animal enclosures and the playgrounds. That is why we are confident that this can be an advantage for you and your family in the new situation.

Wearing a mouth cap is not mandatory at our park, not even in the covered locations.

What will change?

Of course it’s a bit different than what you used to be. If you keep 1,5 meters away from each other, there can’t be that many people in the park. We have a limited capacity per day. This means that you will choose in advance what your visiting moment will be.

At the entrance you will receive the timetable of the feeding session and presentations. The keepers tell you all the ins-outs about the animals, you admire them all up close.

In addition, you will receive an entrance ticket for our dolphin show Oceanica at the entrance. You cannot pre-book for a specific time, on the ticket you receive the time of the performance.

Children up to the age of 18 can move freely in the playgrounds, accompanied by an adult.

We will continue to offer you tasty refreshments for a snack and a drink. For the tastiest sandwiches you can go to various locations in the park.

We ask you to pay as much contactless as possible via pin or mobile phone.

For group reservations and business events we will start again carefully. New applications are assessed within the new 1.5 meter working method. Please contact us via [email protected] or call (+31)0341-467460 during office hours for the possibilities.

Meisje met walrus

How do I plan my day off to Dolfinarium?

There is a limited park capacity and we therefore welcome a limited amount of visitors. To be able to plan all expected visitors, you have to announce your visit in advance on basis of a mandatory online reservation. This online reservation can be made in our ticket shop. Please bring your entrance ticket with you: at the entrance we scan this ticket from your mobile phone or from your print of this ticket.

Do you have a subscription or did you already buy your Dolfinarium ticket earlier this year, then you cannot visit us without a reservation in advance. You need to book your date of visit to the park before you come.

Attention: only visitors with their original entry ticket and reservation tickets will be allowed to visit the park. This is only valid per person, so you need to bring both tickets for each family member with you! At the entrance we scan both tickets from your mobile phone or from your print of this ticket.

Unfortunately at this moment we are not able to process discount vouchers. Please follow this page to check the updates for changes.

Please read all practical information here

What can you expect from us?

With all measures we will take care of a safe and complete visit.

A safe visit:

  • 1,5 meter distance between households
  • Extra hygiene measures (we disinfect important contact points and have created central disinfection points)
  • Sufficient and clear information

A complete visit:

  • On your walking routes you will see all animals of Dolfinarium. We offer feeding sessions and presentations continuously.

What do we expect from you?

We also need you cooperation for a safe and complete visit!

Please follow the RIVM guidelines before and during your visit:

  • Do not come to Dolfinarium when you have caught a cold, when you have a sore throat, when you have a shortness of breath, or when you have a fever (temperature more than 38 degrees Celcius).
  • Do not come to Dolfinarium either when somebody in your household has a fever (temperature more than 38 degrees Celsius), or when somebody in your household has shortness of breath.
  • Keep 1,5 meter distance (2 arm lengths) from other visitors and respect each other’s space.
  • Wearing a mouth mask is advised, mouth masks are for sale at our park.
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Cough and sneeze in your elbow. Paper handkerchiefs must be thrown in the garbage cans.
  • Follow your walking route and respect the instructions of our staff members.
  • Come to Dolfinarium with your own transport, do not come with public transport
  • Buy your parking ticket in advance with the link in your ticket purchase email
  • Pay as much as possible contactless by pin or with mobile phone

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