As long as the Dolfinarium exists, research will be carried out at the park. Both our own experts (veterinarians and marine biologists) and external parties (scientists, universities) like to use this efficient ‘laboratory’ situation in the Dolfinarium. Studies are being carried out that contribute to the problem of animals in nature, such as noise nuisance (shipping, drilling platforms and wind farms) and by-catch. Many of these studies are impossible in nature.

Dolfinarium is extremely suitable for research into and near marine mammals, because the bond between humans and animals is very strong. Combined with the years of experience and knowledge of our employees, this regularly leads to groundbreaking results.

Our research in categories
  • Physiological research = Research into the internal processes
  • Pathological examination = Investigation of diseases / viruses
  • Ethological research  = Research into behavior
  • Acoustic research = Research into hearing by means of sound
  • Morphological research = Research into the structure of the animal
  • Ecological research = Field research, animal counts, species protection
  • Diverse research = Covers several topics / falls outside the categories
A variety of researches
  • Spirometry research in bottlenose dolphins
  • Morbillivirus research in white-beaked dolphins
  • Herpes virus research in harbor porpoises
  • Pathology research in harbor porpoises
  • Hematology research in harbor porpoises
  • Sound research in killer whales
  • Eating behaviour, physical condition and hematology research in walruses



Universities (Netherlands)
  • Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
  • Universiteit Utrecht
  • Universiteit Wageningen / Imares
  • University of Leiden
Universities (outside the Netherlands)
  • Universiteit van Luik (België)
  • University of Hannover (Germany)
  • University of Copenhagen (Denemark)
  • University of California – Institute of Marine Science (United States of America)
  • University of Gdansk (Poland)
  • St. Andrews Univeristy (Scotland)
Other institutions (Netherlands)
  • Stichting SOS Dolfijn
  • St. Jansdal Ziekenhuis Harderwijk (hospital)
  • Ecomare
Other institutions (outside the Netherlands)
  • Natural History Museum of Denmark

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