Sehen Sie bald einen Delfin?

Das Programm „Im Wasser“ kostet €99,00 pro Person. Bitte fahren Sie auf der englischen Seite des Programms fort. Das Programm wird nur auf Englisch oder Niederländisch angeboten.


On selected dates from April 7, 2023 to October 29, 2023.


The full program takes about an hour; you stand in the water with the dolphins for twenty minutes. Each participant gets their own meeting moment with a dolphin and you can touch the animals.


  • To participate in the program you must meet the required eligibility requirements.
  • If you do not meet the required participation conditions and do book a program, you may be excluded from participation. You will then not receive a refund.
  • In unforeseen circumstances, we may have to cancel the program. We will then set a new date in consultation with you.

To ask

Do you still have questions about the ‘In the water with dolphins’ program after reading all the information? Then take a look at the frequently asked questions or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Im Wasser bei delfinen?

Um am Programm „Im Wasser“ teilnehmen zu können, muss der Teilnehmer Niederländisch und/oder Englisch verstehen und sprechen. Spricht der Teilnehmer nur Deutsch? Dann ist eine Teilnahme leider nicht möglich. Da das Programm nicht auf Deutsch angeboten wird, erfolgt die weitere Erläuterung auf Englisch.

You don’t have to travel far to meet a dolphin up close. You can do that in the Netherlands! With the interactive program ‘In the water with dolphins’ you can learn more about bottlenose dolphins and also meet them up close.

Are you looking for a unique program for a family day or outing with the family? Book this special experience now! And combine this program with a wonderful day of discovering the wonderful water world with special sea (mammal) animals such as dolphins, walruses, porpoises, sea lions, seals and sharks and rays.

About the ‘In the water’ program with dolphins

The program is given to groups of up to eight people. Before entering the water, you will receive instructions from the caretaker and put on waders to keep your own clothes dry. The waders go over your own clothing. Swimwear is therefore not necessary!

After you have discussed the schedule of the program with the caretaker, it is time to meet the dolphins in person and enter the water. While you are standing on an underwater bridge, you will receive an explanation about everything that has to do with bottlenose dolphins. Good to know is that you will be involved by the caregiver in the organization of the program and that the program is different every time. This way we always keep it fun for the dolphins and every program is unique!

Your special and educational meeting!

In addition to the moments when you can touch a dolphin, various topics are discussed, making the encounter not only special, but also educational. This way you learn more about the operation of the sonar or about the physique of the dolphin. During the program you can ask any questions you have about dolphins to the caretaker.

Your special moment with a dolphin will be captured in a photo, so you can take home a lasting memory! Did you bring spectators? They can enjoy from behind the glass wall and take pictures from a distance. The glass may be less clear due to the salt water.

Swimming with dolphins is not possible at the Dolfinarium. An encounter gives the dolphins the opportunity to always decide for themselves whether they feel like participating, because that choice is always theirs. The welfare of the animals is number one at the Dolfinarium.

Check the conditions of participation in advance

Do you also want to experience your own special encounter with a dolphin? To participate in the ‘In the water’ program you must meet the required conditions. Read them below.

Conditions and tickets

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