In the water with dolphins – € 80

Is your big wish to meet a dolphin from close by? Then this is your chance! In the Dolfinarium you can get acquainted with these special animals. Step into the water where the dolphins live and discover how the animals live and are cared for.

You yourself also get the opportunity to connect with the dolphins. You watch the feeding and playing. You learn a hand gesture from a trainer with which you can, for example, have a dolphin sing, sway its tail or splashing water. You can touch a dolphin and you will be photographed with it. A unique experience that you will never forget!

Want to give a dolphin encounter as a present? Of course! Surprise your biggest animal friend with this magical present.

As a participant you need to understand Dutch or English. Please read all terms and conditions before participating.

  • What are you going to do?

    • In waders, you will be visiting dolphins;
    • You will be in a small group of maximum 8 participants;
    • For 20 minutes, you will be standing in the water with the dolphins;
    • The total program lasts 1 hour, including instructions and getting changed;
    • You are not going to swim with the dolphins;
    • A free printed picture (taken by us) of your meeting with a dolphin is included!


    • In order to participate to the program, you need a valid entry ticket. You can order your ticket online.
    • The program instructors have the right to refuse participants if they do not meet the program conditions;
    • Some days it is possible that there will be last minute auctions on Dolfinarium to promote the last available places for the program on that day.

In water with dolphins

Want to be the dolphins' guest?
Before participation, please carefully read the terms and conditions at the end of this page.

Book your tickets online!

Terms and conditions

‘In water with dolphins’ is an intensive program. Therefore, there are terms and conditions for participation.

  • Mobility

    During the program, you will climb and walk on slippery ground. Also, you will have to stand on your own in water. You will also walk down the stairs by yourself. If this is not possible for you, you cannot participate.

  • Language and understanding

    For our regular programs it is mandatory to speak and understand Dutch or English. It is important to be able to understand the instructions for your own safety and the safety of our animals.

    Dutch is used as a standard language of the program. However, this could be changed to English if necessary.

  • Waders

    The waders are available until shoe size 50 (EU) / 15½ (UK) / 16 (US). If you have a strongly deviant size, please contact us before you book the program. We will check with you whether your size is available.

  • Age

    Children between 8-12 years old have to take an accompanying, participating and paying adult (18+ years old). As an adult, it is possible to accompany 2 children.

  • Height

    You will be in the water during our program. Therefore, every participant needs to be at least 140 cm / 55.1 inch long.

  • Cancellation and/or modification

    Dolfinarium reserves the right to cancel the program due to unforeseen circumstances or when there are fewer than 4 participants. A replacement date will then be determined in consultation with the participant.
    Please note: In case of changes (less than a month in advance) or cancellation of the reservation from our side, there is no possibility to receive a return of the already paid amounts.

If you doubt whether participation is possible for you, please check the most frequently asked questions below.

Pay attention:

  • What are you going to do?

    Dolphins are animals with their own will and character, so they largely determine the content of the program. We are in any case asking a dolphin close by for a photo opportunity. In addition, you will learn a hand gesture from a trainer with which you can, for example, have a dolphin sing, sway its tail or splash water. The program takes place outside. There is no swimming with the dolphins.

  • What do I have to bring?

    Your tickets and nothing else! You will wear the waders over your normal clothing.

  • I do not have a large size, but I have thick ankles. Can I be in a waders?

    The waders are up to shoe size 50 (EU)/ 15½ (UK) / 16 (US). The waders are not designed for different sizes. We regularly encounter that thick thighs or a larger chest circumference give problems when putting on the waders. In case of doubt: contact us in advance by sending an e-mail with your telephone number to [email protected]. It is very disappointing to discover during a program that participation is not possible.

  • Is the admission ticket included for the participant?

    No, the program does not include park entrance. On regular opening days a valid entrance ticket is required to participate in the program.

  • Can I take pictures?

    As a participant it is not allowed to bring a camera into the animal area. During the program photos are taken by one of our photographers of which each participant receives one printed photo. Any spectators can take photo and film recordings from a distance.

  • Why can I not swim with dolphins?

    The Dolfinarium has deliberately chosen this: Swimming with dolphins involves certain risks. We want to keep the interaction between humans and animals under control as much as possible to ensure the tranquility of the dolphins, their living environment and the safety of our guests and animals. The caretakers, who know the animals well, can possibly swim with the animals. We also believe that more contact between humans and animals is possible during this program than with swimming.

  • My child is 12 years old and can participate by himself in the program.

    We are strict when it comes to the age limit and guidance in this program. We understand that children are different and that some children can participate independently. However, we are unable to estimate this. It would be bothersome if, during the program, a child of 12 is allowed to take an independent part and another child of 12 must bring a companion. Therefore: one rule. It is very disappointing when it appears during a program that a child does not have a supervisor and therefore can not participate in the program. Other participants come for their own experience, it is not an option to ask them to accompany the child during the program.

  • I have a slight limitation. According to the conditions I may not participate, but is that so?

    We have set conditions to ensure safety for humans and animals. It is difficult to estimate whether someone with a slight mental or physical impairment can participate. Therefore, make a thorough and realistic assessment based on the conditions for participation. If you need help with this, please contact us by e-mail your question with the telephone number to [email protected]. It is extremely disappointing if it shows during the program that participation is not possible. Our professional employees are the first to ensure safety for humans and animals. If they notice prior to a program that a restriction has or may have an influence on safety, then they decide whether a person can participate in the program.

  • Are the programs also accessible to people with disabilities?

    Safety for humans and animals comes first. For persons with disabilities, participation in the regular program is unfortunately not possible. Often we can find a suitable solution to meet a dolphin. Feel free to contact us by e-mail your question with the telephone number to [email protected].

  • Are the programs also accessible to sick people?

    Safety for humans and animals comes first. In pregnancy, contagious skin problems and / or external inflammations, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, medication that suppresses the resistance function, medication that negatively affects the driving ability is not wise to participate in the program because of the intense experience. Often we can find a suitable solution to meet a dolphin. Feel free to contact us by e-mail your question with the telephone number to [email protected].

  • We want to fulfill a last wish of someone who is terminal. Can we just participate?

    Of course we would like to contribute to wish fulfillment that is extremely important. Naturally, the participant must comply with the conditions set for the program. Our experience shows that this situation during a regular program has a considerable impact on other participants (also think of participating children). That is why we almost always recommend booking a program exclusively for your group (max. 8 people). There are also other possibilities to fulfill this wish. In this way we can give the attention that is desired and deliver customization. For questions about these possibilities, contact us by mailing your question with the telephone number to: [email protected].

    Note: for children with a life-threatening illness we have a collaboration with Make-A-Wish Netherlands. They provide careful screening and the necessary guidance during a customized program developed for this target group.

  • Can I reserve a program exclusively for my company?

    Yes this is certainly possible! An exclusive reservation of the program In the water with dolphins is possible for a minimum of one and a maximum of eight people. Contact [email protected] to apply for an exclusive reservation. The costs are € 600, – for 1 hour (max. 8 people), including VAT, excluding entrance. The conditions for participation can be found on this page. If you want to reserve an exclusive program, please send an e-mail with the following information:

    • Two preferred dates (Every date can be requested, we will check the possibilities for you.);
    • Program duration;
    • Number of persons;
    • Name and age of participants.

  • I would like to ask someone to marry me...

    There are several possibilities to combine a marriage proposal with dolphins. The best option is to reserve exclusively ‘In the water with dolphins’. Together you will experience an unforgettable experience with the dolphins. After the program, there is time to make the proposal in an intimate setting. If you would like to know more about the possibilities of reserving ‘In the water with dolphins’ exclusively, please contact us by e-mail with your question and your telephone number via [email protected]

  • Can dolphins bite or hit?

    Safety of humans and animals is paramount. Dolphins, of course, remain animals that can make unexpected movements. Think of the mating season where a male has different thoughts, or young dolphins who want to discover everything. The program is supervised by our professional team. They know the dolphins like no other and can adequately anticipate signals from the dolphins.

  • What happens if the dolphins do not come to the participants or a program fails?

    Participating in the program is no guarantee for touching animals. If the animals indicate that they do not want to participate then we can not and will not intervene. However, this has not happened in the past 15 years. When a program can not go through, for example due to a birth or a thunderstorm, we offer a suitable solution for compensation.

  • Did something ever go wrong during the program?

    No noticeable accidents occurred during the programs, neither among the dolphins nor among the participants. Yet we continue to find safety an important point of attention.

  • Participation in the program costs € 80 per person excluding admission to the park. What are these prices based on?

    The price of the programs is in line with our efforts and investments. The program requires a lot of preparation and is a labor-intensive affair. In addition, investments were made in special provisions. A maximum of 8 people participate in the program, making it a very intensive but also unique experience.

  • What makes the program unique in Harderwijk compared to other swimming programs worldwide?

    In the Dolfinarium the animals get close by the unique design of the program (in the water but not swimming). The personal attention and explanation are also highly appreciated. The contact with animals is different every time and that makes every program unique.

  • Will the Dolfinarium increasingly exploit its animals commercially?

    No, the programs are an excellent addition to our existing activities and we meet a need for this. Of course the animals are central in the Dolfinarium. The programs have been set up with the utmost care, with the starting point always being the welfare of the animals. The dolphins decide for themselves whether they want to come closer to participants.

  • Is the program not harmful to the dolphins?

    We would obviously not have started this program if there was any doubt about the harmful effects for the animals or people. The entire program is composed in such a way that the animals are fully appreciated. Over the past 15 years, it has become clear that the programs are providing for variety in the daily program of the animals. The research: “A Retrospective Study of Bottling Dolphins Participating in In-Water Interactive Programs Showing Absence of Clinical and Subclinical Respiratory Disease,” supports that the program is not harmful to dolphins.

  • I do not speak and understand Dutch or English, is this really mandatory or can I still participate in the program?

    For our regular programs it is mandatory to speak and understand Dutch or English. It is important to be able to understand the instructions for your own safety and the safety of our animals.

  • Other questions

    Is your question not listed? Feel free to contact: 0341 – 467 460 or [email protected]