Closer to sea lions – € 40

Always wanted to meet a sea lion up close? Then this is your chance! In the Dolphinarium you will meet the Californian sea lions.

The program ‘Closer to sea lions’ takes place in the Zotte Zeeleeuwentheater. There you discover how the animals live and are cared for. You also get the opportunity to make contact with the sea lions. You learn from the trainer a hand gesture with which you can let the lion waving for example, create or natspatten sound. You can touch the sea lion and take a picture with a sea lion. A unique experience that you will never forget!

As a participant of ‘Closer to sea lions’ you need to understand Dutch or English.

What are you going to do?

Please read the conditions at the bottom of this page for participation.


Closer to sea lions

An exclusive look into the life and care of the Californian sea lions?
Read the conditions at the bottom of this page for participation.

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Terms and conditions

  • Mobility

    To participate in this program, you have to be able to walk independently (without supervision).

  • Age

    Children between the ages of 6 and 12 take a accompanying, participating and paying adult (aged 18 or over). 1 adult can accompany 2 children.  This is for the safety of the participating child. An additional advantage is that it is a unique experience to experience with your child.

    Children younger than 6 years can not (yet) participate in this program.

  • Language and understanding

    For our regular programs it is mandatory to speak and understand Dutch or English. It is important to be able to understand the instructions for your own safety and the safety of our animals. Any other language or translation from the sideline is not allowed. Dutch is used as a standard language of the program. However, this could be changed to English if necessary.

  • Entrance ticket

    A valid entrance ticket is required for participation in the program. You can order this online.

Terms and conditions

The participant:

* An adult participant may supervise a maximum of 2 participating children.

The Dolphinarium reserves the right to cancel the program due to unforeseen circumstances or to fewer than 4 participants. A replacement date will then be determined in consultation with the participant. Please note: in case of changes (less than a month in advance) or cancellation of the reservation from your side, there is no possibility to receive a return of already paid amounts.

If you doubt whether participation is possible for you, please contact the Interaction department: inte[email protected] or telephone number 0341 – 467 460.