Play and discover

Slide into the world of the sea and make up your own thrilling sea tale in one of the park’s many playgrounds! Or do you prefer to relax in one of the many restaurants or stroll along the beach? You can do that at the Dolfinarium, because it’s on the water. Pretty logical, really, with so many marine animals!

Onder Odiezee a 60-meter-long glass wall!

In ‘Onder Odiezee’ you’ll literally come face to face with dolphins and walruses! You can see the animals only a few inches away through a very long glass wall… The animals from the Odie Sea are very inquisitive. They like to come up close to the glass to take a good look at you too. So will you show them all the things that you can do?


On the ´Krabbenkust´ (Crab Coast) you can go in search of crabs, lobsters, anemones and unusual fish. If you take the exciting discovery route over the stepping stones you can see the animals even better. Dare you?

Playing and discovering in the North Sea!

In the brand-new ´Roggenrif´ you can taste and smell the sea. While you’re playing you’ll learn everything about the animals that live in our own North Sea. Animals that stand out, for example because they look strange or live in an unusual way. You can see them in metres-high aquaria, which we call their summer hotel and their winter hotel. In the North Sea Laboratory you can conduct exciting experiments! Did you know that there are animals that are threatened by certain types of fishing or pollution? You can find out what you can do about this in the ´Roggenrif´!

Meet the animals!