Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Questions about tickets

  • Where can I buy entrance tickets?

    You can buy entrance tickets at the ticket office or via our website.

  • If you have a (technical) problem

    If you have a (technical) problem, please contact the Helpdesk online purchases tickets: +31 85-8880306. Available monday to friday from 09.00 to 17.00 CET.

  • I ordered and paid tickets, but did not receive an e-mail.

    First, check whether the e-mail accidentally ended up in the Junk e-mail or Spam folder.
    If this is not the case, contact the Helpdesk online purchases tickets: +31 85-8880306. Available monday to friday from 09.00 to 17.00 CET.
    If you paid using a debit card, also state the description of the payment as it is represented in your Internet banking environment.

  • Can I exchange an unused ticket for a ticket for the next season?

    Purchased entrance tickets are only valid for the season in which they were sold. This is clearly stated on all tickets. For this reason, tickets which have been purchased but not used cannot be exchanged or refunded. This includes all entrance tickets, whether purchased directly from the Dolfinarium or via a third party. We are unable to make any exceptions to this rule.

  • Can e-tickets also be scanned from a smartphone?

    E-tickets can be scanned from a mobile phone. Bear in mind that they must be the original tickets (so not a photo of the tickets or screenshots).

  • Where do I buy my entrance ticket as an accompanying adult?

    One accompanying adult is allowed in free of charge with a paying visitor who has a permanent impairment. So no entrance ticket needs to be bought for this accompanying adult.

Questions about your visit

  • What time do the shows begin?

    Actual show times depend on various factors, such as weather conditions, number of visitors, and of course the animals’ health. This means that show times can vary from day to day and we are unable to say now when each show will take place on the day of your planned visit.

    The times of each day’s shows are announced at around 9.30 every morning. You can find out this information by calling +31(0)341 467 467.

  • Can I book places at a show in advance?

    No, your entrance ticket gives you access to the park and to the various shows. You can visit these at your convenience. It is not possible to reserve places for a show.

  • Can I take my pushchair/buggy into the DolfijndoMijn?

    No. Fire regulations do not permit pushchairs and buggies in the DolfijndoMijn, the Zotte Zeeleeuwen, the Theater Zeezicht and the Walrussenwal. You can leave them in the spaces provided, at your own risk.

  • Are there children’s pushchairs available?

    No, unfortunately the Dolfinarium does not have pushchairs for hire. You are advised to bring your own.

  • Are there wheelchairs available?

    A limited number of wheelchairs are available for hire at the park entrance. Place a € 1.00 coin in the slot to use (like supermarket trolleys). Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve wheelchairs in advance. If you wish to be absolutely certain of having a wheelchair, we advise you to bring your own.

  • Has allowance been made for wheelchair visitors?

    The Dolfinarium is easily accessible for wheelchairs. All locations, facilities and shows can be entered without encountering any obstacles. ‘Aqua Bella’ in the Dolphin Domain has a special wheelchair entrance that you and your group can use. This entrance is to the left of the main entrance. You need to get there half an hour in advance so that you can get into the show at your leisure before the other guests take their seats.

  • Has allowance been made for autistic visitors?

    Report to the reception to be considered for the wheelchair visitors arrangement. By doing this you will avoid having to wait.

  • I am not happy in crowded situations (agoraphobia). When is the best time to visit the Dolfinarium?

    Would you like to visit our park on a quieter day? Come on a weekday in April, May, September, October or during the spring school holidays. During holiday periods, public holidays and in the summer it is normally busier in our park, but even outside these times some days can be busier than expected. Unfortunately we cannot give any guarantees about this.

  • Can I get gluten-free food at the Dolfinarium?

    The best place for gluten-free food is ‘The Beach Yawner’. At all snack-bars at the Dolfinarium the French fries are made separately from the gluten-containing snacks, but in ‘The Beach Yawner’ we can give a 100% guarantee about this, since the snack-frying stands are far enough away from the French fries stands. Gluten-free croquettes and frikandels (deep-fried sausages) are also available in The Beach Yawner.

    Our (self-service) restaurants also have gluten-free vol-au-vents with gluten-free ragout and Unox smoked sausages are on sale in the ‘Sausage Whelk’.

  • Are there lockers available?

    Lockers are provided for a small charge. Locker hire costs per day:

    • € 4,- for a small locker
    • € 7,- for a bigger locker
    • € 8,- for a groups locker

    For the groups lockers applies a €10,- deposit which will be refunded when you return the key to the Reception at the end of your visit.

  • Are pets allowed at the Dolfinarium?

    Related to the safety of both the pets as the animals in our park, pets are not allowed in the Dolfinarium. We also offer no shelter for pets. Guide dogs in training are not allowed on our park. Skilful guide dogs are, in consultation and on presentation of an approval certificate, allowed to enter the park.

  • Can I leave the park and return on the same day?

    Your entrance ticket ceases to be valid when you leave the park. If you need to leave the park at any time during your visit, then you must go to the Dolfinarium ticket control (at the Reception) and ask for a stamp on your hand. This stamp gives you the right to re-enter the park on the same day.

  • Is there a microwave oven available for heating baby food?

    Restaurant De Andersom and restaurant De Dageraad are equipped with microwave ovens which can be used for heating milk or baby food for our youngest guests.

  • Where can I park my car?

    There are plenty of municipal car parks with paid parking (also for coaches). Extra parking in the area is available at peak times. Car park day-ticket: € 8,50.

    Address, route & parking

  • Can a map of the park be sent to me at home?

    At the ticket control you will be given a map of the park which includes the times of the shows for that day. Unfortunately it is not possible to send you a map before your visit but you can download our parkmap for free.

  • Do you have a 'bad weather' guarantee?

    No, but we do have five covered locations where you can admire unusual marine animals and shows. There are also several covered restaurants and snack-bars where you can shelter and get warm on rainy days. You can always be sure of a great day out at the Dolfinarium!

  • Where can I submit complaints?

    All staff at the Dolfinarium do their utmost to make your visit to the park as pleasant as possible. If you experience any dissatisfaction during your visit, we would like to hear about it.
    Complaints must be submitted in writing and addressed to our Customer Service department:

    Attn. Customer Service department
    Strandboulevard Oost 1
    3841 AB Harderwijk
, The Netherlands

    [email protected]

    We aim to respond to all complaints within four weeks.
    You may also fill in a complaint form on the day of your visit; these are available at the Reception

  • Have you found my lost items?

    All items found at Dolfinarium will be uploaded on iLost the next day, except for bank passes, credit cards and health insurance cards which wil be destroyed. Identity cards will be sent to the municipality of Harderwijk.

Other questions

  • Is it true that you also give dolphin therapy?

    Interactive sessions with children with Down’s Syndrome and/or autism take place in the Dolfinarium.
    Since September 2001 the Dolfinarium has been working together with Stichting Sam. This means that our regular programme Dichter Bij Dolfijnen is open to children with Down’s Syndrome and/or autism. The Dolfinarium offers the facilities and expertise regarding the animals. The selection of children and all therapy assistance is fully in the hands of Stichting Sam.
    For information about the therapy, please contact Stichting Sam:

    Stichting SAM
    P.O. Box 492
    1180 AL Amstelveen, 
The Netherlands
    [email protected]

  • Participation in interactive programmes

    Anyone who wishes to take part in the interactive programmes must have a good command of Dutch or English. Participants must speak and understand Dutch or English because of communications with the trainer. If the participant does not have an adequate command of Dutch or English he or she cannot take part in the programme.