Capture your encounter with a sea lion in a photo

Due to the new measure this year we do not offer any foto moments or programs.

Our California sea lions are super fast, so taking a quick picture of them is quite the task. Their caretakers will gladly take you along to have the perfect picture taken: one of you together with a sea lion. A unique souvenir to take home! What are you waiting for?

Terms and conditions for a photo opportunity with a sea lion

There are certain conditions to the photo opportunity. It is important that you meet these conditions, or you will not be able to take part.

  • You are able to kneel or sit on your knees.
  • You are able to independently walk twenty metres (65 feet) to the place where the photo will be taken. Parents will not be able to go with their children; however, the children will remain in sight of the observers.
  • You will have your picture taken individually; taking a picture together is not possible.
  • You are at least 1 metre tall.
  • Sea lions are and remain wild animals, so they can react unpredictably. That’s why you will be supervised by our staff members. It is important to always follow their instructions.
  • You must book the photo opportunity in advance. You will receive a voucher with the order confirmation. Did you book online? Please print out your voucher and bring it with you as we are unable to scan it from a mobile phone. While redeeming your voucher on the day itself, select a time to have your photo taken from the available time slots. It is best to redeem your voucher before noon at souvenir shop De Grote Franjepoot.
  • A photo opportunity with a sea lion costs €13. If you have a subscription, you will get a discount of €1.30 – so that’s only €11.70 per person! This price does not include admission to the park, so you also need a valid admission ticket.

Before you know it, the photo opportunity is over… Now you’re left wanting more. Do you want to see, hear and smell the sea lions and learn all about them from their caretakers? Then book the interactive programme Closer to sea lions! A unique experience you won’t forget any time soon…

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