They love playing games!

Bottlenose dolphins

This is how I sound like!
  • 200-300 kg Weight
  • 2-3 meter Length
  • 40 km/h Swimming speed
  • 15 minutes Holding breath
  • 45 years Age
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Bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins are very curious and playful. They love playing games: with each other, with seaweed or with other animals.

In the Dolfinarium they also play with the trainers, water jets, toys, ice-cubes and sometimes even with the Dolfinarium’s guests! The Dolfinarium has a large group of more than 30 dolphins, in 2 locations: Dolfijnendelta (Dolphin Delta) and DolfijndoMijn (Dolphin Domain).

During the great shows in DolfijndoMijn dolphins and trainers demonstrate how well they work together. In Dolfijnendelta newly born dolphins live alongside other dolphins of all ages; some dolphins are even over 50 years old!